The Warehouse Inventory Tracking System (WITS) has been designed to allow 3rd party warehouses to manage inventory that is owned by Monsanto. WITS is an easy-to-use system to receive shipping papers and to report all goods movement transactions to Monsanto.

Monsanto uses these goods movement transactions to update our inventory.  In order to maintain an up-to-date inventory record in Monsanto system, it is imperative that all warehouses report goods movement transactions without delay.  To ensure up-to-date inventory in Monsanto system, WITS was also designed to enforce timely reporting of all goods movement transactions.

The warehouse can perform the following functions with WITS:
  • Reporting of transactions (Goods Issue, Goods Receipts, Returns, Inventory Maint.)
  • Keep transactions for historical reference
  • View and print paperwork used by the warehouse
  • View and print shipping papers for truck drivers (Bill of Lading)
  • View and print Inventory Recon. reports that compare WITS inventory to Monsanto system


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